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What’s Happening?


These little keets (baby guinea fowl, about two days old here), were hatched out by one of our ducks if you can believe. Mama duck decided to sit on a clutch of the guinea hens eggs and here we are. A fifth keet was hatched a day later. It’s a cruel joke that they turn into one of the ugliest birds on Earth, not to mention unpleasant and loud. Why do we have them you ask? Well they do eat a lot of bugs, ticks especially, and for some still unknown reason my husband loves them, grrr. Thank goodness these have found a good home elsewhere.


I’ve finished my quilt for the Good ‘Ol Summertime Mini Quilt Swap. I hope my swap partner likes it. I can’t reveal who it’s going to but I will say that I had a hard time telling what her tastes were because her blog was in another language. The Google blog translator was less than illuminating.

I think I like working in this small size (about 15″ square). I’ve got a few other ideas sketched out and am anxious to get some decent sewing time. It’s a huge relief that our heat wave has finally broken and the sewing room is really calling to me.


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More Summer Progress

Peach jam…


August Stash Busting Bee block …


Progress on the Good Ol’ Summertime Mini Quilt Swap


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Pictures of Summer Whizzing By

The last two Quilt Block Exchange blocks for July. Stars and stripes boy-themed blocks…



Goodies to eat…. homemade pickles and hummus with feta and kalamata olives (yum!!!). This recipe was my starting point for the hummus but of course I’ve changed it. More garlic and lemon, some cumin and cayenne, plus, of course, the feta and olives. It’s ridiculously easy and so good that I never need to buy hummus again. Now if I could just keep the pita chips stocked.



Boys outside playing with campfires and running wild in the grass….



We’re trying desparately to keep on top of the zucchini, cucumber, beans and peaches that are coming in fast. It hasn’t been a great year for tomatoes but when they come it will be sauce galore. Hope you’re enjoying some summer yourself.

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