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A Pox on Thee!

And by thee, I mean me and by a pox, I mean the dormant evil spawn of chicken pox – shingles. When reawakened, the  virus erupts in crazy painful inflammation of nerves. That has been my world for the past eleven days. I thought I had pinched a nerve in my shoulder to start and after a few days, a visit to the chiropractor and my primary care, shingles was diagnosed. Good grief.

I’m irritated at the word “shingles”. It sounds so innocous and it so isn’t. I mean, who names these things? I would have named it Gratingly Irritating Fiery Constant Annoying Pain, GRIFCAP for short. So much more accurate.

I still can’t sew. (Curse you, GRIFCAP!!) But it’s slowly improving. In the meantime, here are some crazy blocks I made before I was stricken to compliment the Stash Busting Bee blocks I’ve been receiving using the Arcadia line.

And some signs of spring outside…

Hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon. Until then, Happy Spring!


April 7, 2010 at 9:46 am 4 comments

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