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Summer Wrap-up

And then the summer was gone. While I’m totally down with Blogging without Obligation, I’ve just been neglectful this summer. My time management skills just melted in the heat. The humid, oppressive, stagnant atmosphere that characterized the majority of the summer for me. I don’t do well in humidity. I began to feel like a mushroom trying to seek solace in one of the two rooms in our house that have air conditioning. Neither room affords any productivity at all. (Unless you classify watching Phineas & Ferb with the boys as productive.)

Nearly no sewing was done and now I have 6 quilts to finish in the next 6 weeks, for my Guild show, for their charity drive, for the gallery and two for the boys. Thankfully the cooler air is on its way back. I did finish the cowboy quilt top for the small boy. (Still haven’t figured out the fish-eye thing that distorts all my pictures, grr.) I sashed the prints in a denim colored Kaffe shot cotton. I’m not a huge fan of this shot cotton, it’s very thin and stretchy, but the dungaree look was exactly what I was going for.

Nearly no cooking and very little bread baking, save simple grilling (which is often the best choice in summer anyway). Last week I made some Potato Bread with leftover mashed potatoes and yesterday I did try a standout dish from the Smitten Kitchen, Blue Cheese and Red Potato Tart. So good!!

So lastly, dear readers (if there are any of you left after my hiatus) is that I’m folding up this blog after over 3 years and will now post only to our Sew Fresh Blog. I need to whittle down my to-do list and one blog is plenty. I hope you join me there for more fabric, food and fancy!

Many thanks.



September 8, 2010 at 10:42 am 1 comment

1134. Seriously.

That’s how many feeds are to be read in my Bloglines. A wee bit behind on my reading. And I keep adding more blogs! Even with 170 coming from “365 Days of Free Motion Quilting” it’s pretty out of control. I’ve hit a wall on the sewing so I may just have a chance to catch up. My art quilt with the koi is fraught with artists’ block and is going nowhere. I started quilting my nephew’s quilt but I’m not happy with Lily’s tension. I just can’t get it right. She may have to go into the shop. Not a bad idea since the woman I bought her from has no idea when she was last serviced. Sigh.

One good note, I made the best black bean soup from this recipe. I skipped the chili powder since I wanted a non-chili bean soup. Delicious. Try it.

Off to read….

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

We’ve had another round of illness here, a particularly nasty stomach bug. After a few days of recovery and no trips to the grocery store, I improvised dinner for the kids with a chicken breast and some french fries from the freezer. The big boy comes into the kitchen while I’m cooking and says, “I thought we didn’t have any chicken nuggets.” I said that I didn’t have them but I made them from scratch. “I’ll eat them even if they’re from scratch because I like chicken nuggets,” he says to me. I shout, “From scratch is better!” as he runs from the kitchen.

After dinner he says, “Mom, where’s the bucket?”

Oh no, I thought. Not again. “Not feeling good?” I ask.

“Yeah, my stomach feels funny. It must be that scratch you put in the chicken nuggets.”

After a short vocabulary lesson, the bucket was retired, in case anyone was wondering if I poisoned my child.

January 12, 2010 at 10:05 pm 1 comment

More Summer Progress

Peach jam…


August Stash Busting Bee block …


Progress on the Good Ol’ Summertime Mini Quilt Swap


August 13, 2009 at 10:37 am 1 comment

Pictures of Summer Whizzing By

The last two Quilt Block Exchange blocks for July. Stars and stripes boy-themed blocks…



Goodies to eat…. homemade pickles and hummus with feta and kalamata olives (yum!!!). This recipe was my starting point for the hummus but of course I’ve changed it. More garlic and lemon, some cumin and cayenne, plus, of course, the feta and olives. It’s ridiculously easy and so good that I never need to buy hummus again. Now if I could just keep the pita chips stocked.



Boys outside playing with campfires and running wild in the grass….



We’re trying desparately to keep on top of the zucchini, cucumber, beans and peaches that are coming in fast. It hasn’t been a great year for tomatoes but when they come it will be sauce galore. Hope you’re enjoying some summer yourself.

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Home Life

farm collage

sweet peas

lion cake

Happy Birthday to my boys.

June 25, 2009 at 7:11 am 1 comment

Spring Blossoms

It’s been a rainy few days and it looks like a few more on the way. I took these last week so here’s a little ray of sun. The white blossoms are from the pear tree and the pink are from the peach trees.




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